2023 Breeding Plan

Blue roan, black, and black and white Nubian does lined up along farm fence.

2023-2024 Breeding Plans
These are our tentative breeding plans for the upcoming season. We plan to begin breeding in September-October for February-March babies. Official prices will be set after babies are born.

Trillium Hollow Lydmila x Trillium Hollow Not a Taco

The Arina x Hidden Gems GG Tapatio Blues
1st doeling retained

Little Bee Starryeyed Surprise x BMP Farms Saturn

Little Bee Panic at the Disco x BMP Farms Saturn
1st doeling retained

Vedder’s My Black Dahlia x Hidden Gems GG Tapatio Blues
1st doeling retained

Little Bee Prediction Lyk Cleo x BMP Farms Saturn

Little Bee Numb Little Bug x BMP Farms Saturn

Little Bee Are You OK Annie x Hidden Gems GG Tapatio Blues
1st doeling retained

Taylor x Ginger Top Farm Fireball
Unregistered Mini Nubians

For reservations or questions regarding breedings, please send us a message. 

*All potential parings subject to change.